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I always make an effort to keep my readers up to date on the latest to keep my readers informed and up to date on all the latest developments in the Fire Stick and Kodi worlds so they don’t have to look elsewhere. I spend the majority of my time on this website updating content. To maintain this website, I must incur certain expenses, and one of my primary sources of revenue is affiliate commision.

Because I believe in complete and total trust and transparency, I’d like to make it crystal clear that whenever you purchase something through one of the affiliate links hosted on my website, I earn a small commision at no additional cost to you. The commissions I earn from these affiliates help me cover various costs and keep the website running smoothly.

Due to our large readership, this also assists me in securing better deals/coupon codes for Firestick VPN Kodi readers. Thus, our readers ultimately benefit. For example, if you purchase a one-year ExpressVPN subscription through my affiliate links, you will receive three months complimentary. This is an exclusive offer that is not available to direct purchasers.

Though I’ve reviewed numerous VPNs, I’m affiliated with only a few providers whose services I personally enjoy. It includes the following:


I guarantee that I will only recommend products that I personally use and believe to be the best in the industry. My reviews are objective, which is why I refuse to accept sponsored posts from any company.

However, if you are dissatisfied with it, please contact me. And I will gladly redress your grievances. Until then, please keep in mind that by purchasing something via one of my affiliate links, you are directly supporting, which I am extremely grateful for.

Many thanks.


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