How to Install Exousia APK on FireStick

I’ll show you how to install Exousia APK on FireStick in this tutorial. The app is also compatible with Amazon Fire TV Cube, Fire Stick 4K, and Android-based TVs.

Exousia APK is a multi-platform streaming application that includes both movies and live television channels. There’s also a TV Seasons section in the app. This category, however, is currently inactive. Since the developers have included this section, I’m hoping that TV shows will be available soon.


The Exousia app is no longer available. Please check out our list of the Best Apps for Fire TV Stick for more options.

There are a ton of movies to watch and stream, with many of them available in full HD. New titles are added to the movie library on a regular basis.

The app also includes a variety of live TV channels from the United States and other countries. Sports IPTV, General IPTV, and Requested IPTV are the three types of live TV available.

Exousia appears to be a promising new app. Give it a shot.

How to install Exousia APK on FireStick

Exousia APK, like any other third-party app, will need to be sideloaded onto your FireStick or Fire TV. You must do two things in order to sideload third-party apps:

In the FireStick Settings, enable/allow or turn ON Apps from Unknown Sources.

Obtain a sideloading application (we will use the Downloader app)

In the steps below, we’ll go over the first two aspects, then show you how to install Exousia APK on Amazon Firestick:


Before proceeding, please read our Disclaimer by clicking here.

1: Go to your FireStick or Fire TV’s home screen. This is how it will appear.

 how to install exousia apk on Firestick

2: Select the menu bar from the top section of the home screen. With your remote, select the option Settings.

exousia apk

3: The following screen will now appear. Here, select the My Fire TV option and click it.

exousia apk for amazon fire tvexousia apk for amazon fire tv

4: Select Developer Options from the drop-down menu in this window.

firestick developer options

5: Now you’ll see a screen where you can search for Apps from Unknown Sources.

By clicking on it, you can turn it on.

apps from unknown sources on firestick

Now that we’ve taken care of that, we’ll install Downloader, a sideloading tool.

6: Select the menu bar from the FireStick home screen once more.

Select the lens/magnifying glass icon on the far left to open the Search option.

search apps on fire stick

7: Look for a program called Downloader.

Install the app that appears in the search suggestions by clicking on it.


install downloader for exousia apk on amazon Firestick

8: Now we’ll launch the Downloader application.

Some popups will appear during the first run. After you’ve gotten past the popup windows, you’ll see the Downloader app’s main window.

Click where it says “enter the URL” (where it says http://) to enter the URL.


how to install exousia apk on Firestick


9: In this window, type in the URL where the Exousia APK file will be downloaded.


The Exousia app is no longer available. Please check out our list of the Best Apps for Fire TV Stick for more options.

Use the following URL:

At least once, double-check the URL to ensure you typed it correctly.

Activate the GO button.


exousia apk download


10: The Exousia app’s APK file is now available for download on FireStick. Please wait a few moments!

steps to download and install exousia apk


11: Select and click the option Install when this popup window appears.


how to get exousia apk on Firestick


12: Exousia APK is currently being installed. Please wait once more!


installing exousia apk on Firestick

13: You now have two options after installing the Exousia APK FireStick app. You can either click OPEN to begin using the app or click DONE (recommended) to return to the Downloader app interface and delete the app’s APK file.

 exousia apk for Firestick

14: If you clicked DONE, when this prompt appears, click Delete.

how to remove exousia apk file from amazon firestick storage

15: Select Delete once more.

 exousia app

This is fantastic! The Exousia APK has been successfully installed on your FireStick. In the next section, we’ll look at how to use this app.

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install expressvpn firestick


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get vpn jailbroken firestick


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login expressvpn on firestick


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 connect ExpressVPN on FireStick

How to use Exousia APK on FireStick

Exousia APK has a unique interface compared to most other APKs you’ve used. Allow me to give you a quick rundown of the app.

Let’s start by figuring out how to get Exousia APK on your FireStick. This can be done from the FireStick’s home screen.

The first row on the home screen is called Recent, and the second row is called Your Apps & Channels. Choose the second row.

how to find exousia apk in your apps & channels section on amazon Firestick

Then, on the left, select See All (if See All isn’t available, scroll to the far right in the second row to find the Exousia app).

search exousia app on Firestick

When this list is displayed, you can now scroll all the way down to the last row (bottom). To open Exousia APK, click on it.

how to install and use exousia apk on fire stick and fire tv

You might want to use Exousia APK on a regular basis. It would be a good idea to put it on the FireStick’s home screen in that case. Press the 3-line button on your remote while the app is selected. Click Move when this popup appears in the bottom-left corner. If you move the app to the first row, it will appear on the home screen.

how to move exousia app icon on homepage of fire stick

On FireStick, we’ll look at the Exousia APK.

When prompted, select Allow (this prompt appears only the first time)

set up exousia apk on amazon Firestick


The Exousia APK’s home or main window is shown in the image below. In the left menu, you’ll find the following categories:


  • most recent (displays the recently played videos)
  • Xmas Films
  • Feature films
  • Season of Television
  • IPTV Sports
  • IPTV in general
  • IPTV was requested.
  • The App Store
  • Select a Player (not seen in the image below)

this is exousia app homescreen


Even though the app has a TV Season section, as I mentioned earlier, there are currently no TV shows available. However, because they have a blank category, it is safe to assume that the shows will be added at some point in the future.


The app will give you the option to choose the playback source when you select a movie title or cable-TV channel. You may be given the option to select the resolution in some videos (HD, 720p, etc.)


How to assign external video player to Exousia FireStick app

While Exousia includes a built-in video player, it also allows you to use external players for playback.

MX Player comes highly recommended. It is more reliable and faster than the majority of other players.

Open the Exousia app to select an external player. Choose a player from the left menu.


how to set up exousia apk player


Next, move your cursor to the right and select your favorite player (say MX Player).


Features of Exousia APK on FireStick

Here are some of the app’s best features:


  • Exousia is one of the most well-crafted third-party streaming apps available.
  • The app’s user interface exudes professionalism.
  • It’s also very easy to use.
  • Exousia APK makes it simple to explore and watch content.
  • The app is completely compatible with mobile devices.
  • Exousia has a large movie library as well as live TV channels.

Final Thoughts on How to Install Exousia APK on FireStick

Exousia APK is one of the most useful streaming apps I’ve recently discovered. It not only has a large content library, but it is also extremely user-friendly. For a fantastic streaming experience, install Exousia APK on your FireStick. Please let us know what you think about this app in the comments section below.