How to Install and Use FileLinked on FireStick

I’ll show you how to install and use FileLinked on your FireStick in this guide. I’ll also explain how to use this app to sign up for the FileLinked service and download the files. All Amazon Fire TV models, including the Fire TV Cube, Firestick Lite, and Fire Stick 4K, will work with the same guide.

DroidAdmin was the previous name for FileLinked. It’s a file-sharing app that’s also a great side-loading tool for Amazon FireStick and other Android devices. FileLinked can be used to share a variety of files, including videos, photos, music, and APK files. You can be a file uploader, a file user, or a combination of the two.

For example, if you’re on vacation and want to share your photos with friends or family privately, you can upload the files, create a code, and share the code with them. Those who have your code can download the FileLinked app for Android, enter it, and access or download the files.

FileLinked could be very useful if you want to sideload apps onto your FireStick device. Simply obtain the Filelinked codes from the uploader and enter them into your FileLinked app. If you are an uploader (like me), on the other hand, you can share the code with your users (like you) and allow them to easily download the files.

This guide will provide you with all the information and instructions you need to get started with FileLinked, whether you’re an uploader or a user. Continue reading!

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How to Install the FileLinked on FireStick

To install any third-party apps on your FireStick, I recommend using one of two apps:


  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer

Both of these apps are available on the Amazon Store, and installing them on a FireStick takes only a few minutes. I’ll walk you through the installation process one by one, using both apps. You can choose between the two options.


Get the FileLinked on FireStick via Downloader

The most useful side-loading app for FireStick is Downloader. It is available for download from the Amazon Store.


To download and install the FileLinked app, first install Downloader and then follow the steps below:


1. On the FireStick home screen, go to Settings (gear icon).

how to install filelinked on firestick


2. Go to My Fire TV and select it.


filelinked firestick


3. Select Developer Options from the drop-down menu


click developer options


4. Select Install Unknown Apps from the drop-down menu.


download filelinked on firestick


5. Toggle the Downloader option on or off.


filelinked on firestick


6. On the Amazon FireStick, open the Downloader app.


install filelinked on firestick


7. The Home tab will be pre-selected on the left of the home screen. To get to the URL field, go to the right and click it.


8. An on-screen keyboard should now appear. Go to and type in the URL.


When you’re ready, click GO.


droidadmin on firestick


9. Hold on while the FileLinked APK downloads. It usually only takes a couple of minutes.


firestick filelinked app


10: After downloading the FileLinked APK file, the Downloader app will run it and begin the installation process.


Click the Install button on the bottom


download filelinked on firestick


11. Wait for the app to complete the installation process. It only takes a minute.


install filelinked on firestick


12. The App Installed confirmation appears on the screen after FileLinked is installed. Go ahead and click the Done button (we will Open the app later)


 install droidadmin on firestick


13. The Downloader window should now display the following prompt. To get rid of the FileLinked APK file that is no longer needed, click Delete.


filelinked vs droidadmin


14. Select Delete once more.


filelinked on firestick


Using Downloader, you have successfully installed FileLinked on your FireStick. From the My Apps & Channels section, you can launch the app.


Install the FileLinked on FireStick Using the ES File Explorer

This is merely an alternative method. If you’ve already downloaded Filelinked using the Downloader app, you don’t need to do anything else. If you want to use ES File Explorer’s sideloading feature, it now costs $9.99.

Another popular app for sideloading apps on FireStick and other Android devices is ES File Explorer. ES Explorer, on the other hand, isn’t just a sideloader. It’s also a fantastic file manager.

Install ES File Explorer from the Amazon Store now

After that, install FileLinked on your FireStick using ES File Explorer by following the steps below:

1. Open the ES File Explorer application.


2. Scroll down to Downloader on the right side of ES File Explorer’s home screen, where you’ll see a bunch of icons.


firestick filelinked app


3. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click +New.


how to install filelinked on firestick


4. A dialogue box with Path and Name should now appear. Fill in the blanks with the following information:

FL is the abbreviation for Florida. (or any other name you want)


When you’re ready, click Download Now.


get filelinked on firestick


5. Wait for the FileLinked APK to be downloaded by ES File Explorer.


download firestick filelinked app


6. Once the download is complete, select Open file.


install filelinked on firestick


7. When you see this prompt in the ES File Explorer window, click Install.


add filelinked on firestick


8. When the following screen appears, click Install once more.


download filelinked on firestick


9. Wait for the FileLinked app on FireStick to install. When it’s finished, the notification “App Installed” appears.


install droidadmin on firestick


10. To start using the app right away, click Open. You can also choose to click Done and run the app at a later time.


Using the ES File Explorer app, you can install FileLinked on your FireStick.


Note: After installing the app, I recommend deleting the FileLinked APK. This will allow you to save some space. On the left side of ES File Explorer, click the Local dropdown menu, then click Home (the second one on the dropdown list). Now open the Download folder on the right. The APK file can be found here. Remove it.


How to Use the FileLinked App on the FireStick

The following is a three-part process for using the FileLinked app. If you only want to use the Code to download files, skip to the third section.


  • Using the FileLinked app, you can download and install APKs on your FireStick.
  • Create a FileLinked Account (using the web browser) [Only available to Uploaders]
  • Create a Code and Upload Files (using the web browser) [Only available to Uploaders]

Let’s go over each section one by one.

Using the FileLinked App, you can download and install APKs on your FireStick.

Press the Home button on the FireStick remote for five seconds to launch the FileLinked app. When the following window appears, select Apps from the drop-down menu.


how to use FileLinked on firestick


Now open FileLinked at the bottom of the list. The following are the steps to using the app:


1. The FileLinked home screen will ask you for the Code right away. Where it says “Your Code,” click it.


using filelinked on firestick

2. Enter the desired code using the on-screen number pad (for the demonstration purposes, I am using code 54780130 that I created earlier)


Next should be selected.


firestick filelinked apk


3. Return to this screen and click the Continue button.


filelinked codes


4. When the Free FileLinked Newsletter popup appears, click Dismiss (or click Subscribe if you wish to subscribe to the newsletter)


how to install apk using FileLinked


5. Locate the files saved in the configuration for which the code was entered. Only one file, Kodi APK, was added in this configuration.


As you can see, there is a download button on the right. You can use this button to download the file you want to your device.


Another button has an encircled question mark on it. Only when you provide the Tutorial URL when uploading/adding the file to FileLinked configuration does this button appear. To access the tutorial, click this button.


use FileLinked on firestick


6. To download the file, click the download button. The download button transforms into a Play button once the file has been downloaded. To run the file, click this button.


how to add FileLinked on fire tv stick


7. Click Install on the next screen to install the file you just downloaded (in this case Kodi APK file).


Note: In addition to sideloading apps, FileLinked can be used to upload and access media files such as music, videos, photos, and even other types of files.


install apk on firestick with filelinked app


On your FireStick, this is exactly how you use the FileLinked app.


You don’t need to read the following sections if you’re a FireStick user who only uses FileLinked to download and install apps.


Using the web browser, Sign Up for FileLinked Account 

Note: You do not need to create a FileLinked account if you already have a download code from an uploader. Uploaders are the only ones who need to do this.


The following is a step-by-step guide to registering:


1. Go to the following URL in a web browser on your computer, mobile device, or FireStick: FileLinked ( is a website that allows you to upload files to


2. In the top-right corner, select Create Code.


filelinked on firestick

3. I’m assuming you haven’t yet created a FileLinked account. So, go to the top of the page and click the Sign Up button.

filelinked for firestick


4. Fill out the form below with the required information (Name, Email address, Password, Confirm Password)


Toggle the checkbox. I’m not a robot, and I’m going to click. Become a member.


firestick filelinked app


That concludes our discussion. You’ve completed the registration process. Now we’ll move on to the next section.


Using Web Browser Upload Files and Create a Code on the FileLinked 

Note: You do not need to create a FileLinked account if you already have a download code from an uploader. Uploaders are the only ones who need to do this.


Here’s how to do it:


1. In any web browser, go to and click Create Code in the top right corner.


 how to upload files on FileLinked


2. Click Login and enter your login credentials that you used to sign up earlier.


sign up for FileLinked


3. First and foremost, you must create a configuration. Please click here to learn more. Make a fresh configuration.


To organize your uploaded files, you create a configuration. Multiple files can be combined into a single configuration. Additionally, you have the option of creating multiple configurations. For example, if you want to save all of your FireStick-related files in one location, you can name the configuration FireStick or Kodi.


filelinked on firestick


4. Give the configuration a name and optionally add a description to describe what you’ve done.


You can choose to have a custom message displayed every time the code is entered by clicking the toggle.


You can also set a 4-digit PIN if you want to protect your files with a PIN. The files saved in your configuration can only be downloaded by users who have your PIN.


filelinked on firestick


5. Select Save.


6. To upload a file, click the Create Files button.


firestick filelinked app


7. On the next screen, type the file’s name, description (if applicable), download URL, logo URL (if applicable), and tutorial URL (optional)


When you’re finished, click Save.


install filelinked on firestick


8. Now you can add another file by clicking Add new file. To return to the previous screen, click Go Back.


filelinked on firestick


9. In the previous step, when you clicked Go Back, you’ll see a code for your configuration under YOUR CODE. This code can be used to access all of the files saved in this configuration via the FileLinked app (we will use the code 54780130 in the next section)


how to install filelinked on firestick




This is how you add files to the FileLinked service and upload them. Now we’ll look at how to get these files onto your FireStick.


Final Thoughts For FileLinked on FireStick

FileLinked is a fantastic tool for sharing files. It’s also a fantastic way to install apps on your FireStick via sideloading (or any other Android device). If all you want to do is download files, install FileLinked on your FireStick and enter the configuration code, as I’ve said before.

FileLinked can be used as a sideloading app alongside Downloader and ES File Explorer. The best part about this app is that you don’t have to type long URLs into it. All you have to do is enter a numerical code. What are your thoughts on this app? Please let us know what you think in the comments section below.