How to Install Fusion on Kodi

We’ll learn how to install Fusion on Kodi and how to use Fusion to install addons in this article. This method works on all Kodi-compatible devices, including FireStick, Fire TV, Windows PCs, Android smartphones and tablets, and so on.

Kodi is a media player whose full potential can only be realized by using add-ons that are compatible with it. The good news is that there are hundreds of addons available for a variety of uses and requirements. While video addons are the most popular, Kodi also supports a variety of utility and maintenance addons that enhance the functionality of this media player. The only difficulty is locating the appropriate add-on for your requirements.

The majority of us search for each add-on separately. This method may be inconvenient at best if you have a lot of addons to install. You don’t have to do it anymore, thankfully. You can use Kodi Fusion to get access to a large number of repositories and addons. Last year, the Fusion addon was taken down for a few months. But it’s back now, and it’s even better than before.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Now I’ll demonstrate how to add the Fusion source to Kodi. We’ll also learn how to set up the Indigo add-on, which serves as a repository for a number of other add-ons. Later on, we’ll look at how to use Fusion to install repositories. Continue reading!

Installing Third-Party Addons is enabled.

The first step is to enable ‘Unknown Sources,’ which will allow you to install third-party addons. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Kodi should now be open.
  • Click the gear icon on the top left, beneath the Kodi logo, to open the Settings option from the home screen.
  • Go to ‘System Settings’ and select it.
  • On the left panel, click ‘Add-ons,’ and on the right, enable Unknown Sources.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Click ‘Yes’ when you see the following warning message. Fusion is a tried and true energy source.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi


How to Install Fusion on Kodi Krypton

Fusion for Kodi isn’t exactly an add-on, but rather a repository from which you can download dozens of addons. So, first, we’ll learn how to add the Fusion Kodi source, and then we’ll see how to use it to install addons like Indigo.

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Follow the steps below to add Fusion to Kodi.

STEP 1: Make sure you’re on Kodi’s main screen. On the top-left, select the ‘Settings’ option.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 2: Next, select the ‘File Manager’ option.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 3: In the next window, click ‘Add source.’

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 4: In the ‘Add file source’ dialogue box that appears, click ‘’.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 5: Go to and type it in.

If you don’t type in the address correctly, you won’t be able to add the source to your Fusion repository collection. When you’re finished, click ‘OK.’

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 6: Now type the name you want to give this media source in the box labeled “Enter a name for this media source.” ‘Fusion’ is the name I’m going to give it. You may use any name you want, as long as it is relevant.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 7: After entering the source name, click ‘OK.’

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

You’ve added the Fusion installer source to Kodi successfully. Let’s look at how to get to the source code in order to install the repositories and addons.

STEP 8: Return to Kodi’s home screen and select the ‘Add-ons’ option from the left panel.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 9: At the top left, click the ‘open-box’ icon. This icon is also known as the ‘Package Installer’ icon.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 10: On the next window, click ‘Install from zip file.’

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 11: You should now be able to see the list of sources that have been added. Click on ‘Fusion,’ which is the name of the source we added a while ago.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Fusion repositories and addons are divided into three categories:

  • start-from-here
  • kodi-repos kodi-repos kodi-re
  • kodi-scripts kodi-scripts kodi-script

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

We’ll dig deeper into Fusion source. But first, let’s install the Kodi Indigo addon, which can be found in the ‘begin-here’ folder.

How to Install the Indigo Addon on Kodi

The most popular add-on available via the Fusion installer is Indigo. This is why it will be the first Fusion for Kodi item we install. We’ll also look at the Indigo addon for Kodi.

Indigo is a multi-functional addon that adds a variety of tools and utilities to Kodi. Indigo is best known for being the Kodi addon installer. This addon allows you to install a variety of apps from its library, including Fusion TVAddons, movie addons, and much more.

Installing add-ons becomes a breeze with Indigo. With a single click of the button, you can get any addon from its library. By providing the URL to the file, you can also install any addon from a zip file saved online.

Here’s how to set up the Indigo addon.

STEP 1: From the Kodi main menu, select Add-ons on the left, then Package Installer on the top-left. Select ‘Install from zip file’ from the drop-down menu. Simply select ‘Fusion’ from the list of newly added sources.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 2: Fusion is divided into three categories, as we’ve already seen. Click the ‘begin-here’ button.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 3: You should now see the zip file. Depending on the version released, the numbers at the end of the filename may change. It is 4.0.3 at the time of writing this article.

To open the zip file, double-click it.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 4: Now, wait for the notification that says “Indigo Add-on installed.” This notification will appear in the top-right corner of the screen.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

STEP 5: Go back to Kodi’s main menu and select Add-ons > Video Add-ons. Indigo can be found in the list of addons.

Indigo is also a maintenance and utility tool, so you can find it under Add-ons > Program Add-ons.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

How to Use the Indigo Addon Installer Tool

From the Add-ons menu, select ‘Indigo.’ Indigo has a lot of features and options, as you can see in the image below. The Config Wizard, Addon Installer, Maintenance Tools, and many other features are included.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

We’ll look at the ‘Addon Installer’ option because it’s the most popular. On the list of available options, select ‘Addon Installer.’

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

As shown in the image below, Indigo provides several options for installing addons. The most popular addons are displayed first in the ‘Featured Addons’ section. You can also look for addons in categories like Video Addons, Audio Addons, and Program Addons.

Open any option you want and investigate it further.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Indigo also lets you install any addon that isn’t already included in its library. A link to the zip file is all you need. Enter the URL of the zip file in the ‘Install Zip from Online Link’ box. Indigo will effortlessly install the addon.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

That’s all there is to the Indigo addon. Let’s take a closer look at the Fusion installer now.

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How to Install Fusion on Kodi

How to Use Fusion to Install Repositories on Kodi

Indigo isn’t the only Fusion add-on you can install. Fusion, in fact, has a large collection of different types of repositories. I’ll now show you how to use Fusion’s repository library and install them.

Open Add-ons and click the ‘Package Installer’ icon on the top-left of the Kodi home screen. Click ‘Install from zip file’ now. After that, click the ‘Fusion’ source that we previously added. As previously stated, you will be presented with the following three options.

Click ‘kodi-repos’ this time. This is where you’ll find all of the Fusion repositories.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

The repositories in Kodi are further divided into three categories:

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

In each category, you can look into the relevant repositories. For example, if you select ‘English,’ you will be presented with a list of all available repositories in English.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Similarly, if you click on ‘International,’ you will see all of the repos in international languages.

How to Install Fusion on Kodi

Fusion will install the zip file of the repository you want to install on Kodi for you.

final thoughts on Fusion on Kodi

Fusion integration with Kodi appears to be a good idea to me. It’s worked out extremely well for me. I can get most of the addons I need from one of Fusion’s repositories. I also installed the Indigo addon, which allows me to install any addon that isn’t part of the Fusion library. Fusion for Kodi is especially recommended for users who frequently install addons. I hope you found this article useful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about Fusion Kodi in the comments section below.