How to Install Umbrella Kodi Addon

In this post, I will show you how to install the Umbrella Kodi addon step by step. This information applies to FireStick, Windows, Mac, mobile devices, and all other Kodi-compatible devices.

Umbrella Kodi Addon Installation

What exactly is the Umbrella Kodi Addon?

Umbrella A third-party addon is a Kodi addon. Umbrella allows you to watch and stream YouTube videos, popular TV episodes, blockbuster movies, and more. Venom is the addon’s forefather. It also includes high-speed access to TV episodes and movies downloaded from the cloud.

Umbrella gives you full access to your file downloads, Trakt support, cloud storage access, and playback functions. As a result, Umbrella Kodi is one of the greatest video addons for Kodi. Not to mention that the devs are always updating it to make it even better.

Users of Kodi, take note!

Kodi Addons and builds provide unrestricted streaming material, but they can also land you in hot water if you’re caught watching free movies, TV series, or sports. Your IP address is currently exposed to everyone. While streaming online, Kodi users are highly encouraged to always connect to a VPN. A solid Kodi VPN conceals your identity, allows you to evade government spying, geo-blocked content, and ISP throttling (which also aids in buffer-free viewing).

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Is the Umbrella Kodi Addon safe and legal to use?

Umbrella A third-party addon is a Kodi addon. As a result, it is not available in Kodi’s official repository. As a result, you should exercise caution when utilizing it. Due to a lack of experience, FireStickTricks cannot confirm or verify whether this video addon is safe and lawful.

In terms of safety, Kodi does not give an official means to assess the safety status of third-party addons. VirusTotal, on the other hand, discovered no problems with the Umbrella Repository zip file. Please see the following image:

Is the Umbrella Kodi Addon secure and legal?

The legality of the Umbrella Kodi addon, on the other hand, is dependent on a variety of criteria. From the user’s location to the copyrights and licenses used, as well as the sources scraped. does not condone or encourage the usage of pirated apps or Kodi addons in any way.

Installing a VPN such as ExpressVPN will help you set up privacy and security precautions. A VPN will conceal your IP address and safeguard your data.

Umbrella Kodi Addon has the following features:

Here are some of the most important Umbrella Kodi addon features:

Search Movies, Discover Movies, and other useful areas are included.

There are numerous tools available to tailor your streaming experience.

Supports high-end services

It allows you to watch YouTube videos.

Umbrella Kodi Addon Installation

The Umbrella Kodi addon is not available from the official repository. As a result, you’ll have to sideload it. I’ve separated the Umbrella exhibit into three pieces here. So, let’s get started!

This tutorial is strictly for educational purposes. No streaming apps, addons, websites, IPTV, or services are owned, hosted, operated, resold, or distributed by The page contains some unconfirmed services, and we’re not sure if they have legal permission to disseminate the content. does not confirm the legality of each app/service in every jurisdiction. Use caution if you use any of the unverified apps/services, and only stream content that is freely available in the public domain. The end-user is solely liable for the media accessed.

Part 1: On Kodi, Enable Unknown Sources

To begin, activate the Unknown sources option in Kodi Settings.

  1. Open Kodi and select the Settings icon.

Umbrella Kodi Addon Installation

  1. A sub-menu will appear on the screen; proceed to the far right and click on System.

kodi setup

  1. A new menu will appear. Scroll down to Add-ons. Then, enable the Unknown Sources setting.


  1. When you attempt to enable unknown sources, a warning message will show. Ignore the warning by pressing the Yes button on the screen.

Kodi Umbrella Addon

Part 2: Setup the Umbrella Repository

Install Umbrella Repository next to have access to Umbrella.

  1. Return to the Settings page and select the File Manager once Unknown Sources is enabled.

file manager for Kodi

  1. Choose Add source.

choose add source

  1. Select None>.

Kodi Umbrella Addon

  1. In the blank field, type After that, press OK.

Please keep in mind that the URL above refers to an external site that hosts the Umbrella Repository and the Umbrella Kodi plugin. does not host any third-party repositories or addons, and we are not affiliated with the Umbrella addon’s authors.

insert the repository url

  1. A Blank Box will appear beneath the spot where you inserted the URL. Open it up. Then type in a source name. While you are free to choose any name, it is better if it is memorable and associated with the source. As a result, I’ll call it Umbrella.

additional umbrella

  1. Confirm the information and click OK.


  1. Return to Kodi Settings and pick the Add-ons tab.

addons for kodi

  1. A sub-menu will appear, from which you must choose Install from zip file.

If you are running Kodi 19 Matrix, a warning will show. To proceed, click Yes.

Install using the zip file

  1. On the screen, select Umbrella or any other name, depending on what you saved it as in step 5.


  1. Choose a

The version number, 2.1.44, of Umbrella Repository is subject to change.

zip file for the umbrella repository

  1. Wait! The installation of the repository will be confirmed by a notification in the top-right corner.

Installed the Umbrella Repository Addon

The Umbrella Repository is now available locally in your Kodi program.

Part 3: Setup the Umbrella Kodi Addon

After you’ve enabled third-party extensions and installed the repository containing the addon, the Umbrella Kodi addon should be installed.

  1. Navigate to the Install from repository folder and launch it.

Installing from the repository

  1. From the list of repositories displayed on the screen, select Umbrella Repository.

Umbrella Database

  1. Scroll down and select Video add-ons.

video extensions

  1. Select Umbrella from the drop-down menu.

choose an umbrella

  1. A plethora of alternatives will appear on the screen. Choose the Install option.

how to add the umbrella kodi addon

  1. Wait for the app to finish installing. A notice will appear stating that the Umbrella Add-on has been installed.

Note: If Umbrella prompts you to install more addons, click OK.

Installed the Umbrella Add-on

Congratulations! Umbrella may now be used to broadcast your favorite entertainment.

Before you begin streaming with Kodi Addons or Builds, please be aware that everything you watch on Kodi is visible to your ISP and the government. This means that streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, live TV, and sports) could land you in hot water.

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Step 5: Return to the Fire TV Stick’s home screen. Click Find, then Search (as shown in the image below).

find and look for on firestick

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app download

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vpn app login

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link the button

Umbrella Kodi Addon Installation

Let’s have a look at what the Umbrella Kodi addon is all about:

Open Add-ons from Kodi’s home screen to get to Umbrella.

choose addons

Launch Umbrella from the Video add-ons menu.

video addons – a catch-all

To close Umbrella ChangeLog, click any button.

additional umbrella

Umbrella Home is divided into 12 divisions (as seen in the image below).

Umbrella house design

To find movies, go to Search Movies…

choose Search Movies

A separate add-on, meta handler, will be required. To install it, select Yes.

select the Yes button

The section will open once it has been installed. To find a movie, click New Search… from this menu.

Umbrella addon for Kodi

Choose Discover Movies to access the film area.

choose Discover Movies

There are 38 categories to choose from, including Upcoming, In Theaters, Box Office, Popular, and more. Look through all of the Umbrella Movies sections.

Sections of Umbrella Movies

Do you want to see some shows? Navigate to Discover TV Shows.

Discover Television Shows

Inside, there are 31 subfolders, including Most Popular, Top Rated, Recommended, and others.

Kodi’s umbrella guide

Explore YouTube Videos to watch YouTube content.

YouTube Clips

YouTube folders include Concert & Music Videos, WatchMojo, Sports, Comedy Central, and more.

Umbrella addon for Kodi

How to Combine Real Debrid and Umbrella

Umbrella’s default sources may not be sufficient because they only provide a limited number of links. This is where Real Debrid enters the picture. It’s a paid service that scrapes high-quality links to allow you to watch your favorite videos. Here’s how you may link your Real Debrid account to Umbrella:

  1. Select Tools.

choose tools

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS: ACCOUNTS.


  1. Select Authorization from the Real-Debrid menu.

genuine debrid authorization

  1. Open a web browser on your PC/Smartphone and navigate to the URL

You will see where to enter the code on that page. Then, input it and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.

genuine debrid authorization

  1. Finally, a message will appear stating that Umbrella Real Debrid has been authorized.

Authorized Real Debrid Umbrella

How to Combine Trakt and Umbrella

Want to link your Umbrella watch data with other services? It is fortunate that it supports Trakt, an outstanding content-tracking tool. To connect Trakt and Umbrella, take these steps:

  1. Investigate Umbrella’s Tools.

choose tools

  1. Go to SETTINGS and select Trakt.


  1. Choose Authorization…

Choose Authorization.

  1. Navigate to in your preferred web browser. Then, on the Umbrella TRAKT Authorize screen, enter the code you see. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup.

trakt authorization

  1. If everything goes well, you’ll get a notification saying, “Umbrella Trakt Authorized Successfully.”

how to add the umbrella kodi addon

Finishing Up

Umbrella’s ultimate goal is to broadcast various movies and TV episodes under one roof. Check out our guide on how to install the Umbrella Kodi addon on your Kodi-compatible device. Finally, please share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions regarding Umbrella in the comments section below.