Is Kodi Legal and Safe to Use?

Kodi has become a popular choice for home media entertainment centers.

Since its inception, Kodi has steadily added free audio, video, and image plugins, providing one of the best media players available and access to a feature-rich pool of web content.

Because Kodi allows users to stream copyrighted content for free, it has been at the center of numerous legal debates, which is why so many users wonder if Kodi is legal and safe to use.

When you download add-ons created by third-party developers, the legality issue becomes a little murky.

Because Kodi is open-source, developers can and do add-ons to extend its functionality, and some add-ons allow users to access content whose origins are a bit of a legal grey area.

While some legal issues arise when copyrighted content is streamed, those third-party apps can also raise safety concerns, as they may expose you to malware and other online threats.

The best way to safeguard yourself against online threats and avoid legal repercussions is to watch content on Kodi via a VPN.

Nobody wants to face legal action, which is why we’ve written this article on whether Kodi is safe and legal to use.


Is Kodi Legal?

There is definitely no doubt that Kodi is a legal media player.

There are no legal ramifications from downloading and installing Kodi. Kodi is available through official app stores such as Google Play for Android and Microsoft Store for Windows, and these stores will never host an unauthorized app.

When you download add-ons created by third-party developers, the legality issue becomes a little murky.

As the laws governing this subject are, at best, ambiguous and are constantly changing, streaming copyrighted content may land you in hot water. 

Additionally, regulations vary according to the country or region from which you access the content.

While we do not condone illegal activity, we believe in the importance of online privacy and freedom. You may not always know whether the content you’re watching is legal – and it’s for this reason alone that it makes sense to conceal your identity while streaming content online.

There are additional issues to consider if you choose to use Kodi unprotected. For instance, if you stream a lot of content online via Kodi, your ISP may notice and throttle your connection or even terminate your contract. 

Is Kodi Legal in the USA?

In the United States of America, the copyright laws prohibiting online streaming of free content are unclear. Users who watch free, copyrighted content frequently run afoul of the law; we’ve heard that some users have received letters warning them about their illegal streaming activities. 

One thing is sure: selling and distributing copyrighted content violates copyright laws, and violators may face severe fines and jail time. 

Thus, if a third-party add-on provides free streaming of copyrighted content, it is an illegal add-on, and its developers may face criminal prosecution. 

It is probably best to avoid guesswork and be cautious. Utilize ExpressVPN to ensure that all of your online activities remain anonymous.

Is Kodi Legal in the Europe and Rest of the World?

Copyright laws are just as ambiguous in the European Union and other parts of the world as they are in the United States.

Kodi is legal to use in most countries because the software itself does not violate any laws. However, regardless of which part of the world you live in, using Kodi addons to watch copyrighted content could easily land you in legal trouble.

When it comes to storing and distributing licensed content, the laws are stricter. Promoting and advertising free online streaming tools carries severe penalties, including years in prison.

Selling streaming set-top boxes or devices such as the Amazon FireStick preloaded with Kodi and its addons is illegal in several countries. What’s notable is that selling the Firestick is not illegal. What makes it unlawful is that it comes pre-installed with Kodi and promotes piracy.

Is Kodi App Safe to Use?

Is Kodi a malware- and virus-free application? CERTAINLY! Kodi is an entirely secure application. It does not contain any malicious programs and will not harm your device in any way.

Kodi is available for download from various official app stores, including Google Play and Microsoft Store. These stores are well-known for rigorously scrutinizing and testing all apps before hosting them, which should instill confidence in you that Kodi is an entirely safe application that poses no threat.

The security of the addons that you install on Kodi is a different matter. There are hundreds of addons available, and while the majority are safe, this is not always the case.

Our advice is always to install addons from a reputable source. Safe addons are available in the official Kodi Add-on Repository. Additionally, it would be best if you chose popular third-party addons that have withstood the test of time.

Our list of the best Kodi Addons will assist you in selecting a secure Kodi Addon.

How to Stream on Kodi Safely

While your government, ISP, and possibly some third parties may be monitoring your online activity, you can keep your online activities hidden from prying eyes by using a VPN for Kodi. 

A VPN encrypts your internet connection and protects you from being tracked or traced online. With a VPN, you can use Kodi anonymously and securely. 

Kodi users are strongly recommended always to use a VPN when streaming content online, as this is a great way to protect themselves. In addition to providing buffer-free streaming, a good Kodi VPN conceals your identity, avoids government monitoring, unblocks geo-restricted content, and bypasses ISP throttling.

ExpressVPN is the fastest and secure VPN available. It’s simple to connect on any device, including the Amazon FireStick

You receive three months free and a 49% discount on its annual plans, in addition to a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may always request a refund.


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Final Thoughts: Is Kodi Legal and Safe to Use?

As Kodi is a legal media player, installing and using it to view copyrighted content from authorized sources is legal. The legality of Kodi is determined by how you use the platform. Legislators seek to ratify existing regulations to prevent illegal access to paid content, as the emergence of third-party add-on developers continues to threaten the organization’s legitimacy.

You are unlikely to face penalties or sanctions as a user for streaming licensed content. However, those who distribute, sell, or promote pirated content or the tools used to access it are clearly violating the law and face severe penalties and jail time.

FirestickVPNKodi does not condone copyright infringement and encourages you to watch freely available public domain content. We do, however, recommend that you use a VPN service to conceal your online activities from your government or ISP, as you may inadvertently watch something illegal.

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