Kodi Is Not working? How To Fix Common Problems.

As with any device, Kodi is not going to work as it should do at some point.

It can be frustrating when Kodi encounters an issue, all the more so when determining the root cause of a problem on your own. While the most frequently given advice is to “check Kodi’s error logs,” this is not always helpful, as the logs are designed for experts.

This article discusses the various Kodi issues you may encounter and how to resolve them. The majority of problems are quick and easy to fix, so continue reading to see if we can assist.

Typical errors include the following:

  • Issues With Buffering
  • There is no stream available.
  • Freezing during play or when attempting to open a source
  • Add-ons that do not work
  • Login to Kodi

You’re likely to discover that third-party addons are causing some of your errors. Third-party addons have a lower level of stability than official addons. They are notoriously unreliable and frequently introduce their own complications. As a result, you should avoid using unofficial addons and seek out properly licensed content whenever possible.

You should use Kodi only for content that you have a legal right to access.


Common Kodi Issues

While you will resolve some issues quickly and easily, there will be others that you will be unable to resolve due to server issues.   Unfortunately, the developers need to address the server issues, while we wait patiently.

The common issues and solutions for Kodi media players are as follows.

Kodi Frequently Crashes, Freezes Or Pauses

If Kodi crashes or freezes frequently, something has most likely gone wrong. The first step would be to consider your actions immediately preceding the onset of the problem.

Solution:  Remove Any Recent Additions To Kodi

If the issue began after you installed a specific addon, try uninstalling it and reinstalling the addon it to see if the problem persists.

Similarly, if you recently installed an addon update or customized Kodi build, you should uninstall it to eliminate it as a possible cause.

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When attempting to install a Kodi add-on, you may receive the message ‘unable to connect; directory information could not be retrieved.

If this occurs, the URL is most likely incorrectly formatted; if it is correctly spelled, refer to the ‘Fix Kodi unable to connect error’ article for assistance.

Solution:  Restart Kodi

If you’re using Kodi on a streaming device like a Firestick, one of the first things you should try is restarting Kodi.

Additionally, you can restart your Fire TV or FireStick by unplugging the power cord from the back of the device, waiting 10-20 seconds, and then reconnecting it.

The same procedure applies to an Android TV Box or a computer.

Resetting your Kodi device is a simple procedure that can occasionally resolve any issues you’re having with the software.

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Solution:  Clear Kodi’s Cache

When Kodi plays streaming videos, it saves a few seconds at a time to the cache. This enables faster access and smoother streaming.

You’ll notice that when the cache is full, Kodi can behave unpredictably. Choppy video is a telltale sign that the cache is filling up, and while the cache typically empties on its own, it may need to be flushed manually on occasion.

To do this, you’ll need to install the Supreme builds wizard from the TVAddons repository. Once installed, click the Maintenance Tools tab and then, on the right, the Clear Cache button.

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Solution:  Ensure You Have The Latest Update

Now, you’ll want to verify that you’re running the most recent version of Kodi. Kodi 18.9 is the most recent stable version that has been officially released.

To determine the version of Kodi installed on your device, follow the steps below.

Navigate to the Kodi home screen and click the upper-left Settings icon. 

Select System Information

The Kodi version is available at the bottom of the next screen, as shown below. If you are not running the most recent version of Kodi, we recommend that update Kodi to the latest version.

Kodi will not allow you to update the application from within. As update methods are inherently unstable and unpredictable, we recommend that you uninstall Kodi and reinstall the latest version.

You may lose some addons and builds, but many of these will be incompatible with the updated Kodi. As you’ll need to re-install add-ons and builds the best Kodi Addons and best Kodi Builds lists will come in handy.

Kodi is available for Android via the Google Play Store and for Windows via the Microsoft Store.

On FireStick, you must side-load Kodi because it is not yet available in the Amazon Store. Additionally, FireStick users can update to a newer version of Kodi without losing their data.

Kodi Respositories Are Not Working

Kodi repositories are libraries where addons and builds are stored.

The official repository, dubbed the Kodi Add-on Repository, contains a variety of video addons and utilities. Third-party repositories such as Kodi Bae and Fusion, on the other hand, are more popular and widely used.

To install one of these Kodi repositories, you must first add a source to Kodi and then the repository from that source. If any of the Kodi repositories are unavailable, you will be unable to install any of their addons or builds.

Therefore, how do you resolve this issue?

It’s one of those wait patiently times; there is nothing you can do about it; even if you install a repository locally, its content is still stored on a remote server, and if you are unable to install an addon or a build via Kodi, this usually indicates that the server is down.

While popular repositories are well maintained, less popular repositories are not, and you will need to wait for the server to come back online before using the repository. If the repository is unavailable for several days, it may have been discontinued.

If you believe there is a problem with the repository that is not related to the server, you can try the following common troubleshooting techniques:

Install the repository once more.
Reboot the device and verify that it restarts the repository.

If nothing appears to be working, uninstall and reinstall Kodi. It might be beneficial!

Local repository issues are scarce; more than likely, there is a server issue.

Kodi Streams Will Not Play

The primary reasons a stream may fail to load are: 

  • You are not connected to the internet – This is a straightforward fix; without internet access, you cannot view videos hosted on the internet.
  • The addon may have ceased to function –  Regrettably, development teams come and frequently go in response to the threat of legal action. In these cases, you will be unable to install new addons from the repo in question, and existing addons may become unstable or cease to function. 
  • You attempt to access a region-locked service from a country other than the one specified – By connecting to a VPN server in the appropriate region before starting the addon, you can circumvent these restrictions.

Kodi Will Not Install An Addon

If you’ve successfully installed a repo, but an addon fails to install, there are a variety of possible causes.

The addon may be out of date, or its developers may have ceased support. Although older versions may still be available elsewhere, they are not guaranteed to work, and the older an addon becomes, the greater the risk it poses to your system when installed.

The addon’s dependencies have been removed. These are optional addons that are necessary for the initial addon to function correctly. That being said, addons that include these dependencies are unofficial and pose a significant risk to the security of your system. As a result, we recommend that you avoid installing them in the first place.

Finally, the addon you’re attempting to install may not be compatible with your version of Kodi.

You Are Unable TO Uninstall Or Delete Kodi Addons.

At times, a Kodi Build or addon may cause issues when you attempt to watch Kodi. When you load Kodi, it may crash every time, preventing you from accessing any content. 

Solution: Remove the addon from the Kodi interface. 

Fortunately, you can access Kodi Addons via system files; to do so, navigate to the percent APPDATA percent Kodiaddons folder. 

If you’re not sure where the folder is, follow these simple instructions: 

Within the C drive 

  • Select Users 
  • Choose a user account 
  • Delete Kodi addons from AppData 
  • Select Roaming 
  • Choose the Kodi folder. 
  • Delete Kodi addons 
  • Locate the particular plugin that is causing you problems and delete it. 

If you don’t know which plugin is causing the problem, try deleting any recently installed addons or repositories and reloading Kodi to see if that resolves the issue. 

Kodi Buffering Issues

Buffering occurs when the stream runs out of available data, and you must wait for additional data to download before continuing to enjoy your entertainment.

There are several possible solutions for buffering.Clear the cache first, and if that does not work, increase the size of the video cache in Kodi.

If that does not work, you may need to use a VPN. We provide a complete guide to help you fix buffering issues.

Kodi Is Not working? How To Fix Common Problems Conclusion:

Unsurprisingly, you’ll run into issues with Kodi on occasion, given the fact that you can install Kodi on a wide variety of different devices.

While troubleshooting various issues is relatively straightforward, most problems will require removing the app, clearing the data, or reinstalling Kodi.

If you have any questions or are having difficulty resolving an issue, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Legal Disclaimer:  FireStickVPNKodi.com makes no representations or warranties about the legality or protection of any add-ons, software, or services listed on this web.  We do not support, host, or connect to streams that are copyright-protected.  We strongly oppose piracy and urge our readers to stop it at all costs.  Any reference to free streaming on our web is solely for copyright-free material that is publicly accessible.