How to Reset Kodi on Amazon FireStick

This guide will walk you through the steps of resetting Kodi 18.9 Leia or Kodi 17.6 Krypton to factory settings on FireStick.

Kodi is one of the best media tools for turning your device into a media center and streaming your favorite content.

As with any platform, you’re bound to run into a few hiccups now and then, especially if you’re a long-time user with multiple Kodi addons installed.

There are several solutions for optimizing Kodi’s performance and resolving performance-related bugs, but sometimes all you need to do is reset Kodi to its default settings. Resetting Kodi to its default settings is an excellent way to alleviate both Kodi Buffering and general Firestick buffering issues.

Although resetting the Kodi app gives you a fresh start, you will lose all your Kodi Addons, Skins, Kodi Builds and settings.

This article is also for those of you who want to reinstall Kodi without having to go through the process of uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

For example, suppose you have installed too many addons and builds over time and no longer use most of them, rather than removing them individually. In that case, you can sweep Kodi clean with a quick reset and set up the handful of addons you want to use.


Resetting Kodi On Firestick / Fire TV

The steps below demonstrate how to reset Kodi using an Amazon FireStick or Amazon Fire TV, but they apply to any Firestick or Fire TV device.

Not only will we demonstrate how to reset Kodi on FireStick, but we will also demonstrate how to backup and restore your data, as well as everything else you may require.


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Back Up Kodi On Firestick

If you’ve been using Kodi on FireStick for an extended period, you’ve probably installed a variety of addons, builds, and customized your settings.

When you reset Kodi to factory settings on FireStick, all of your Kodi data, including addons and customizations, will be lost.

Starting from scratch may take a long time if you have many addons, so if you do not wish to do so, you can create a backup before resetting Kodi.

Several addons enable you to backup and restore Kodi, but none of them provide a comprehensive backup solution. During restoration, the addons appear to recover only a portion of the backed-up data.

As a result, before resetting Kodi, make a note of everything you want to be restored so that you can manually configure it later if the entire data is not recovered automatically.

When it comes to Kodi data backup, Ares Wizard has proven to be the most effective. It restores the majority of backed-up data and is incredibly simple to set up and use.

Steps To BackUp Your Kodi Data

Go to Add-ons > Programs.

From the Kodi home screen, select Add-ons and then Ares Wizard.

Towards the top of the Ares Wizard interface, select and click Backup.

If you have not yet selected the destination folder for the backup file or wish to change it,  click Select Destination under Backup.

On the pop-up Ares Wizard settings window, click Backup on the left.

Click the Backup destination folder to specify the location of the Kodi backup file.

Choose Open Root filesystem.

Choose sdcard.

Choose a folder on your FireStick device to save the Kodi backup files.

FireStick has a backup folder already; therefore, this appears to be the logical place for storing backup files.

By clicking New Folder, you can select an existing folder or create a new one.

Enter a Kodi folder inside backups.

To select the Kodi folder that you created inside the backups folder, open it and click OK.

Your new backup destination folder is now set up. 

When you return to the Ares Wizard settings window, click OK.

You should see the Refresh option under Backup in the Ares Wizard interface. 

Refresh the page by clicking the button.

You can now select which Kodi data to back up and which to discard.

Select Full System Backup if you want to back up everything.

Select Addons and uncheck everything else if you only want to back up your Add-ons.

When you’ve made your decision, click Make Backup.

A prompt will appear asking if you want to skip or back up the packages.

A package is downloaded every time you update an add-on or install a new one. 

You don’t need the packages after the update or installation, and as they take up space on your limited FireStick storage, always select Yes to ensure the packages are removed.

Ares Wizard will now start to back up your Kodi.

When your Kodi back up is complete, a pop-up will ask if you want to view the skipped files.

To continue, click No, or Yes if you want to see the files that were skipped.

Reset Kodi On Firestick

You can reset kodi in two ways. The first option is to delete Kodi’s data without uninstalling it.

The other option is to uninstall the app from FireStick, which will also remove all associated data.

This is how Kodi looks with all of your installed add-ons before you reset it.

How To Clear Kodi Data

Clearing Kodi data is simple and requires no effort, as you do not need to uninstall Kodi.

Clearing data will keep Kodi on your FireStick but erase all of your add-ons, customizations, Kodi settings, and other data.

To reset Kodi to its factory settings, we need to clear the data.  Select Settings from the top menu on your FireStick home screen with your remote.

Navigate to Applications and open it by pressing Select on your remote.

Select Manage Installed Applications.

Scroll down and select Kodi, then press the Select button on the remote to see the available options.

On the following screen, select Clear data.

On the right, you can see how much storage Kodi is taking up on your Firestick.

On the next screen, confirm your action by clicking Clear data.

On your remote, press the back button. This will return you to the previous menu.

On the right, you’ll notice that the Kodi data has been cleared.

Return to the home screen and select Your Apps & Games.

Run Kodi, and you will see text at the bottom indicating that you are preparing for the first run. This means that all Kodi data has been cleared, and Kodi has reset its default settings.

When you navigate to the Add-ons section from the Kodi home screen, you will notice that all of your Add-ons have been removed. Kodi now works as well as it did when it was new.

You have just reset Kodi on Firestick by clearing all the data.

Uninstall Kodi On Firestick

The second method for resetting Kodi on FireStick is to uninstall it entirely and then reinstall it.

This method takes longer but yields the same results. Uninstalling and reinstalling can sometimes resolve issues that clearing data cannot.

Steps for uninstalling Kodi on FireStick.

From the FireStick’s main screen, go to Settings and then Applications.

Now, select Kodi from the list of installed applications by clicking Manage Installed Applications.

Click Uninstall.

Click Uninstall again to confirm your action.

Kodi will be removed from your FireStick device as a result of this action.

All data will be deleted when Kodi is reinstalled.

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Restore Backed Up Kodi Using Ares Wizard.

After resetting Kodi, it’s time to restore the Backup you created.

If you followed the steps above and used Ares Wizard to restore the addons and other data, you’ll need to install Ares Wizard again.

How To Restore Kodi Backup Data

You must run Ares Wizard after you’ve reinstalled it on Kodi.

Select Backup, then Select Backup File, which is located in the restore section.

Click Restore, which is shown in the Ares Wizard settings.

Select Backup file.

Access the root filesystem.

Navigate to the folder in which you saved the Kodi backup files.

Select the backup file you want to restore data from.

Select OK.

Select Refresh, which you will find in the restore section of the screen.

Select Restore Backup.

If you’ve made any changes to Kodi since reinstalling it and want to keep those changes, select these settings from the pop-up and then click Proceed.

You may override your current settings if none of the options are selected.

You will see Restore Completed when the Kodi data has been restored, click OK to proceed.

Select OK to force Kodi to close for the guisettings.xml to take effect.

This will return you to the FireStick interface, where you can start Kodi again.

When you go to the Kodi home screen, you’ll notice that some Kodi add-ons are missing. This is due to Ares Wizard’s failure to save all settings, however there is nothing we can do about this.

How To Add Missing Kodi Addons and Builds

You may be missing some of your favorite builds or addons because Ares Wizard does not always restore all of the data you previously had on Kodi. 

Fortunately, reinstalling them is simple; the following articles will guide you through the process.

How to Reset Kodi on Amazon FireStick Conclusion

On an Amazon Fire TV or an Amazon FireStick, this tutorial has shown you how to back up Kodi data, reset Kodi, uninstall and reinstall Kodi, and restore Kodi data.

Resetting or uninstalling Kodi will not only improve its performance but will also free up some storage space on your FireStick.

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