How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

I’ll show you how to set up Morph TV on your FireStick in this tutorial. The guide is also compatible with the FireStick 4K and the Fire TV Cube. You can watch as many movies and shows as you want for free with Morph TV. Continue reading!

At this time, Morph TV may not be able to pull any streaming links. Please take a look at the rest of the apps on our list of the Best FireStick Apps.

Morph TV is a free on-demand media app with a large selection of movies and television shows. It’s a clone of Morpheus TV, a popular app that’s no longer supported. Morpheus TV is still available for download and use on a variety of Android devices, but it is no longer supported by its creators. As a result, it is on the verge of being shut down.

Morph TV, on the other hand, is a relatively new project with a dedicated development team. This app is being regularly updated with new content as I write this guide. New updates and versions are released by the developers on a regular basis.

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Morph TV Features

  • Morph TV has a large movie and television show library. It is also updated on a regular basis with new content.
  • For the time being, Morph TV is ad-free. It may not last forever, but it appears to be continuing in this manner for the time being.
  • The app integrates with Trakt, allowing you to manage your watchlist and favorites with ease.
  • Torrent streaming is also supported by Morph TV. When a video doesn’t get a lot of playback links, this comes in handy. You must enable the Torrent service from the app’s settings in order to use it.
  • Subtitles are available for almost all of the videos in the app.

 Enable Apps from Unknown Sources : Important Prerequisite

When you want to install a third-party app on your FireStick, you must first change the Apps from Unknown Sources security setting. Due to security concerns, FireStick keeps this setting disabled by default. Apps like Morph TV, on the other hand, are safe to use and can be enabled without concern. Follow the steps below to get started:

From the FireStick’s home screen, go to Settings (on the menu bar on the top)

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Depending on the FireStick version you’re using, select and open My Fire TV or Device.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Select Developer Options from the drop-down menu.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

If it’s turned off, go to Settings > Apps > Unknown Sources and turn it on.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

When you see the following prompt, select Turn on.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

This will allow you to install any third-party app, including Morph TV, on your FireStick.


How to Install The Morph TV App on FireStick

Because Morph TV is a third-party app, you’ll need to sideload it onto your FireStick. We’ll use a sideloading app because the FireStick doesn’t allow direct downloads from a browser. The two apps we’ll use to sideload the APK are as follows:


  • App for Downloading
  • App ES File Explorer

Using Downloader App Install Morph TV APK

If you’ve been using FireStick for a while, you’ve probably already encountered Downloader. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can download it from the Amazon Store.

My favorite side-loading tool is Downloader. Here’s how to use it to get Morph TV working on your FireStick:

Start the Downloader application.

You should see a text box to enter the URL on the right side of the window. That box should be checked.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Enter the following URL into the onscreen keypad:

To continue, click GO.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Allow Downloader app to download the Morph TV APK on FireStick for a few minutes.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Downloader will begin the installation process as soon as the file download is complete. In the next window, on the bottom right, click Install.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Wait for the Morph TV app to be installed on your FireStick. It only takes a minute.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Morph TV has been installed, as evidenced by the App Installed notification.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


Go ahead and click the Done button. Later, we’ll launch the Morph TV app.

When you return to the Downloader window, click Delete. To free up some space on the FireStick, we’ll remove the Morph TV APK.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Click Delete once more.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


That’s all there is to it. Using Downloader, you successfully installed the Morph TV app on your FireStick and deleted the APK file.

Your FireStick / Fire TV is now ready to watch your favorite shows and movies. However, before you begin, please be aware that your ISP and government will be able to see everything you stream online. This means that watching free movies, TV shows, and sports online could land you in legal trouble.

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ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN, which I personally use and recommend. It works with all types of streaming apps and is very simple to set up on a Fire TV / Stick.

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Step 2: Turn on your Fire TV / Stick and go to the far left-hand “Search” option. Now type “Expressvpn” (without the quotes) into the search bar and select ExpressVPN from the list of results that appears.


How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Step 3: To install the ExpressVPN app for Fire TV / Stick, click “Download.”

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Step 4: Launch the app and log in using the credentials you created when purchasing an ExpressVPN subscription. Select “Sign in” from the drop-down menu.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Step 5: To connect to a VPN server, click the Power icon. That is all there is to it. With the fastest and best VPN for FireStick, your connection is now secure.


How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

More info checkout  ExpressVPN with Fire TV / Stick.

ES File Explorer is used to install Morph TV APK (Alternate Method)

Note: ES File Explorer’s sideloading feature is no longer free. You’ll need to pay $9.99 per month for a subscription. If your country/region allows it, use the Downloader app. It’s completely free to use.

Another useful side-loading tool for FireStick users is ES File Explorer. This extremely popular File Manager app allows you to easily install or sideload any app.

The first step is to get this app from the Amazon Store and install it. Follow these simple instructions:


From the FireStick’s home screen (top-left corner), select the Search function (lens icon).

Using the onscreen keypad, search for ES File Explorer.

In the search results, select the app.

Install ES File Explorer by following the onscreen instructions.

Once you’ve completed that, use ES File Explorer to install Morph TV on your FireStick:

Open the ES File Explorer application.

Scroll down to the right side of the window and click the Downloader icon.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Next, select +New.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


In this dialogue box, type the following information:


Name: Morph (or any other name you want; it makes no difference)

Now is the time to download.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Allow some time for ES File Explorer to download the Morph TV APK.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

When the file has finished downloading, go to the next prompt and click Open file.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

On the next prompt, select Install.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


When this window appears, click Install once more.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

Wait for Morph TV to download and install on your FireStick device. Applicant When the installation is complete, a notification will appear.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStickh

So that’s how you use ES File Explorer to install the Morph TV app on your FireStick.

Note: You may have noticed that the Morph TV APK was removed from the Downloader method. ES File Explorer can also be used to delete the file. The file can be found in the Download folder.


How to Use Morph TV App on the FireStick

Morph TV has a slightly different interface than other similar apps. It’s simple, though, and you’ll get used to it quickly.

To get started with Morph TV, go to the Your Apps and Channels section of your FireStick. This is due to the fact that newly installed apps do not appear on the home screen. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Hold down the Home button on your FireStick’s remote for nearly 5 seconds.
  • On your screen, a window will appear. Go to Apps and select it.
  • Select Morph TV at the bottom of the page. You can start using the app right now.
  • Press the menu key on your remote to return the app to the home screen.
  • Now, on the menu in the bottom right corner of your TV, select Move.

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


To make the app appear on the home screen, drag it to the first, second, or third row (press the Select/OK key on the remote to drop the icon).

Let’s take a look around the app now.

This is the Morph TV app’s home screen on the FireStick. It comes with the following features:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Downloads: Where you find all your downloaded videos
  • Settings

How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


Note: If a new version of the app is available, the Update button will appear at the bottom. While you are free to use the current version, I recommend that you update to the most recent version.


A new set of categories appears when you click an option on the home screen. For example, when I select Movies, I am presented with the following options:



How to Install Morph TV on FireStick


I find a list of movies in this category when I click Trending or Popular. You can always use the Search option if you’re looking for something specific. The movies you’ve marked as favorites are listed in the Favorites section. The Watchlist section keeps track of the movies you’ve seen.


Morph TV scrapes the servers with the videos and lines up the various playback links when a video is requested for playback. You can select the desired link and begin playing it. This also indicates that Morph TV is not a content provider. It’s nothing more than a data aggregator.


Conclusion on  How to Install Morph TV on FireStick

That’s pretty much all there is to Morph TV. I sincerely hope you enjoy this app as much as I do. I wish there was also support for Real-Debrid, as it greatly improves the viewing experience. Let’s hope it’ll be added in the near future. What are your thoughts on Morph TV? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.