How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App

We’ll learn everything there is to know about the Downloader app for FireStick in this article. It’s one of the best FireStick apps., and it is now required to sideload apps on FireStick. It is already installed on millions of devices. This is why it deserves to be more than just a small section squirming for attention amongst other articles. We’ll start with a quick overview of the app (as if it needed one), then go over how to install it and sideload apps with it. Finally, we discover how to install the Downloader app on FireStick devices that do not have access to the Amazon Store. Continue reading!


What is Downloader App for FireStick?

Downloader by AFTV news is an app that, as the name suggests, allows you to download files from the web to your Fire Stick and Fire TV devices. You can enter a URL pointing to a file on the internet and download the files directly without having to open a webpage if you have one. This app also includes a built-in browser for downloading files from web pages or websites. You can also use the browser to browse the internet in the same way that you would with any other browser. It also allows you to add favorites and bookmark pages.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


Even though the  Downloader can download any file for you, it’s most commonly used for side-loading APK files for third-party apps that aren’t available on the Amazon Store. When you download an APK file, Downloader automatically installs it from within the app. You don’t need to exit the app and use a file manager to locate the APK. After you’ve installed the APK, you’ll be given the option to delete it from within the app, freeing up space on your device. To put it another way, Downloader makes side-loading extremely convenient for you.

The app uses the FireStick remote to navigate and interact with the interface, eliminating the need for a keyboard or mouse. The interface is simple and intuitive, and it was designed specifically for the device remote, making it simple to navigate and use. The Downloader app interface is simple to get used to.

Downloader is a small app that takes up less than 8MB of disk space (based on the latest version available at the time of writing this article.) It doesn’t take up a lot of the device’s limited storage space or resources.

Downloading and using Downloader is completely free. There are no hidden in-app purchases in this app. What makes Downloader even more amazing is that, despite its extensive functionality, it is ad-free. You can anticipate a smooth and seamless experience.

Obviously. Donations are accepted for the downloader. Donations, on the other hand, are optional. Whether you donate or not has no impact on the app’s functionality, features, or experience. I enjoy the app and use it on a regular basis. As a sign of goodwill, I contributed my fair share. It’s entirely up to you!

Before we get into sideloading apps on the FireStick, let’s take a look at how to get the Downloader app installed on your Fire TV Stick.

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Part 2: How to Install Downloader App on FireStick 

The Downloader app is now available on the Amazon App Store. It is not necessary for you to side-load it onto your device. The following steps will guide you through the process of installing the app:

#1. If you haven’t already, go to the Fire TV/Stick home screen.


#2. On the menu bar, use your remote to navigate to Find > Search.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


#3. Now, using the onscreen keypad, type in ‘Downloader’ (without the quotes, of course) (use the remote to navigate to the letters).


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


#4. The app suggestions should appear in the list that appears as you start typing. Select and open ‘Downloader’ from the list when it appears.


#5 ‘Downloader’ should now appear in the ‘APPS & GAMES’ section. Please click on it.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


#6. To download and install the app, click the ‘Get’ or ‘Download’ button. You should be able to download the app in a matter of minutes.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


Once the app is installed, it will appear in the Apps & Games section and, most likely, among the recently installed apps on the home screen.

How to Sideload Apps on the Fire TV / Stick Using Downloader App

I’ll show you how to sideload apps on your Fire TV or FireStick in minutes now that you’ve installed the app. But first, here are a few extras to make your life a little easier.

Where Can you Find the App Icon?

On the home screen, the Downloader app may or may not appear. You can always open the app from the Apps list. It is, however, more convenient to have the app on the home screen. I need to use this app on a regular basis, and I’d like to be able to do so with just a few clicks.

If the app isn’t already on your home screen, follow these steps to get it there:


  • Hold down the Home button on the FireStick remote until a menu appears.
  • From the menu, select ‘Apps.’
  • You should now see a list of all the apps you’ve installed.
  • The recently installed app icons are located at the bottom of the screen. To scroll all the way down, hold down the ‘Down’ key on your remote.
  • Choose the ‘Downloader’ application.
  • Now, on the remote, press Options, and when a menu appears on the bottom right, select ‘Move.’
  • Using the ‘Up’ key on the remote, drag the Downloader icon all the way to the top row.
  • Once you’ve chosen the app’s desired position, press ‘Select’ on your remote to release the icon.
  • You can now return to the home screen. The ‘Downloader’ app is now available!

Using Downloader for the First Time- Enable JavaScript

The ‘Update Notes for Downloader’ pop-up may appear the first time you open the app. If you want to read it, go ahead and do so, or simply click ‘OK’ to continue.

Now, before we get started with Downloader, I recommend making one minor change to the app: enable JavaScript. Some websites will not download properly in Downloader if this option is left unchecked.


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Here’s how to make JavaScript work for you:

1st, launch the downloader


#2. On the sidebar, you should see the option “Settings,” which you should select.


#3. In Settings, check the box next to Enable JavaScript.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App

#4. When the warning message appears, select ‘Yes.’ Don’t be concerned about the warning. This option is always checked in my browser, and I’ve never had any issues. JavaScript is actually enabled by default in most browsers.

How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


Finally, using Downloader to Sideload Apps on the FireStick!

Finally, we’ll look at how the Downloader app can help you download APKs and side-load apps onto your Fire TV Stick. It’s straightforward and easy to understand.


First, we’ll learn how to download files from their direct URLs. Then we’ll look at how to get a file from a website.


APKs can be sideloaded/installed on the FireStick using a direct URL.

Let’s start with the ‘Home’ option, which allows us to download files directly from URLs pointing to them.


#1. On the left sidebar, select ‘Home.’ This option is placed directly on top.


#2. You’ll notice that the cursor in the URL field is already blinking on the right. To highlight the field, press the ‘Select’ button on your remote. A virtual keyboard will appear on the screen. Clear the URL box first if it’s already filled in.




#3. Simply type the file URL into the onscreen keyboard and press Go (note that the URL must point to a file saved on a server, not a webpage). We’ll move on to the next section, where we’ll learn how to download files from a website.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


#4. The download will begin on its own. If the file is an APK, click ‘Install’ on the bottom right after it has downloaded.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


#5: The app will now be installed. You will receive a notification message once the app has been installed, confirming the status. On the bottom, there are two buttons: Done and Open.


#6. If you wish to open the installed app later, select ‘Done.’ To start using the app right away, click ‘Open.’


#7. A pop-up will appear on the Downloader interface after you click “Done.” To remove the APK file from your storage, press the ‘Delete’ button. It is no longer required. So, without having to use a file manager, you can delete the APK file from within Downloader.


#8. Select ‘Files’ from the left-hand menu to confirm that the file has been deleted. The file you just deleted will not show up in this list. ‘No files found in the download folder will appear in this section.’ if you don’t have any.

Files/APKs can be downloaded/installed from websites.
It’s possible that you don’t have a direct link to the file you want to download. That isn’t an issue. The Downloader app includes a built-in browser that allows you to browse the internet and download from download links on web pages.

#1. On the Downloader interface’s left menu, select the ‘Browser’ option.


#2. Next, highlight the address bar and type in the URL where you want to download the file from.


Activate the GO button.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


#3. Click the Hamburger menu,  if the page does not display properly in the browser (three horizontal lines placed vertically one over the other). The hamburger menu is located next to the address bar’s Go button (and not on the onscreen keyboard). Select ‘Fullscreen Mode’ from the drop-down menu.


#4. Scroll the page with the remote up/down keys to the Download link. Select Download from the drop-down menu. The download of the file will begin. If it’s an APK file, go to the lower left and click “Install.”


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App.


#5. When the ‘App Installed’ notification appears, you have the option of pressing Done to return to Downloader or pressing Install to install the app you just downloaded.


How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App


Downloader App not available on the FireStick App Store?

Can’t seem to locate the Downloader app? In some regions, Downloader is not available on Amazon Store. This is the most likely reason why you can’t find or download the app from the official app store.


You can sign in to FireStick with a universal account and deregister your existing Amazon account for your region.


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Deregister your existing Amazon account and create a new one.

If Downloader is not available in your region on the Amazon Store, you can sign out of your existing Amazon account on FireStick and register with a new account.

This means you’ll need to create a new account using a different email address than the one you’re currently using. Also, remember to select the United States as your region when creating a new account.

This is not a method I recommend. All of your existing apps, data, and history would be deleted if you deregistered. You’ll have to start over. For those who are new to FireStick, this isn’t a big deal. However, if you’ve been using the device for a while, this could be a major pain. However, the choice is entirely yours!

Of course, if you’re setting up a new device, you should create a new account rather than using your local Amazon domain account.

To register or deregister an Amazon account, follow these steps:

From the menu bar at the top of the FireStick home screen, select ‘Settings.’

Select ‘My Account’ and one of the following two options will appear:

  1. You will see the option to ‘Register’ if you have not yet registered your FireStick with your Amazon account. Choose this option and log in using your credentials.
  2. The name associated with the Amazon account will appear on devices that have already been registered. Click the ‘Deregister’ option after selecting the account name. You will be logged out of your current account. You can now use a different account to log in.

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Final Thoughts On How to Sideload Apps on FireStick with Downloader App

That’s pretty much all there is to know about the Downloader app. This app is available on Amazon Store, and if you can’t find it there, you can always sideload it or use the re-register workaround we discussed earlier. This app has quickly grown in popularity as a tool for downloading and installing third-party apps and services on the FireStick. Downloader is incredibly simple to use and convenient. Any app can be side-loaded onto your FireStick device with just a few clicks. Downloader can also be used to install other types of files, including music, videos, and more. Overall, Downloader is an essential app for any FireStick device.