Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

We’ll go over the most popular and best Terrarium TV alternatives for Fire TV Stick, Android TV Box, and Android smartphones in this guide. I’ll also include links to the FireStick installation guides for all of these apps so you can get them quickly.

Terrarium TV, one of the most popular and trusted streaming apps, has finally announced its demise. The app will no longer be supported by the developers. That’s bad news for the online streaming community, which relied heavily on Terrarium TV for entertainment. Of course, I am a member of this group. I’m extremely disappointed.


But it’s nothing new. A lot of popular apps suddenly stop working without warning. But, alas, we must move on. Even if Terrarium TV is no longer available, FireStick users must not be left high and dry. On your device, you still have a lot of options for watching movies and TV shows.



Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

I’m going to show you some of the best Terrarium TV alternatives in this article. After personally testing and using these apps, I am recommending them. I hope one of these alternatives to Terrarium TV proves to be a viable Terrarium TV replacement for you.


Best Terrarium TV Alternatives


Cinema APK

Cinema APK, formerly known as HDMovies, has been around for a few months and is now one of the most popular on-demand movie and TV show streaming apps. Even if Terrarium TV had lived to see another day, Cinema APK would have given it a run for its money. When I first saw this app, I knew it had the potential to be a hit. The app is almost error-free, retrieves dozens of active streams, and provides excellent streaming quality.


Best Terrarium TV Alternatives


It’s been a while since Terrarium TV was officially shut down, and if you’re still looking for something similar, Cinema APK should be your first choice. Cinema APK, like Terrarium TV, is a content aggregator that doesn’t host any of its own content but still provides access to a massive library of movies and TV shows. It gathers streaming links from multiple servers and arranges them for you to choose from and watch.

Even though the app receives high-quality links, integrating your Real-Debrid account with it could improve things even more. More full HD streams and healthier links will be available thanks to Real-Debrid.

The interface of Cinema APK has been kept to a bare minimum. As a result, don’t expect much in the way of visual appeal. However, if you’re looking for an on-demand app that excels at its core function (allowing you to watch movies and shows), this is a great choice.


How to install Cinema APK on FireStick


Users of the FireStick, take note!


Governments and internet service providers keep a close eye on your online activity, and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick could land you in hot water. Your IP address,, is currently visible to everyone. I strongly advise you to get the best FireStick VPN to hide your IP address and stream your favorite shows safely.


ExpressVPN, the fastest and most secure VPN on the market, is what I use. It’s not only simple to set up on any device, but it also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, you can always get a refund if you’re not completely satisfied. On top of that, ExpressVPN is currently offering three extra months for free on their annual plan!


Here are some of the reasons why you should always use a VPN.



Read this article to learn How to install and Use the best VPN on Fire Stick


 Titanium TV

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

For several reasons, Titanium TV easily takes the second place among the best Terrarium TV alternatives. To begin with, it’s a Terrarium TV clone. It has the same appearance and functionality as Terrarium TV. This entertainment app has a large library of movies and shows to choose from, making it ideal for binge watching. What astonishes me even more is that it collects high-quality web links for the videos you want to watch.

Titanium TV has a Real Debrid integration. You now have even more streaming options in full HD if you have a Real Debrid account. Titanium TV is incredibly simple to set up on a FireStick device. It’s also simple to use. Whether you’ve used Terrarium TV or another similar app before, Titanium TV is easy to navigate. On FireStick, fire TV Cube, Fire TV, and even Android TV Boxes, the app is remote-friendly, allowing for smoother interaction.


Installing Titanium TV on a FireStick


CyberFlix TV

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

CyberFlix TV, like Titanium TV, is a clone of the now-defunct Terrarium TV. When comparing Cyberflix TV and Titanium TV, there was little to choose between them. Titanium TV, on the other hand, has a habit of pulling higher-quality links. However, the difference is sporadic and not always decisive in choosing one over the other.


CyberFlix TV has a large library of on-demand videos, primarily movies and television shows. The content library is updated on a regular basis to reflect new releases. The app’s interface is identical to Terrarium TV’s, with the same menu items and options. All things considered, CyberFlix TV is a viable Terrarium TV replacement.


How to install CyberFlix TV on FireStick


CatMouse APK

CatMouse is one of the most amazing on-demand FireStick apps I’ve seen recently. This app, as you might expect, has a large library of movies and TV shows. CatMouse has it all, from the most recent episodes to the most recent movie releases. What’s more, its library is constantly being updated with new episodes and movies.


The app also ensures that you have access to a large number of high-quality streaming links. Select the content you want to watch, and several active streams in up to 1080p resolution will appear. Real Debrid can also be integrated with CatMouse. You can then reward yourself with even higher-quality links.


CatMouse allows you to sync your streaming activities across devices and platforms with Trakt sign-in. If you don’t like the built-in player, you can change the default video player to one you prefer. CatMouse is, all things considered, one of the best Terrarium TV alternatives.


CatMouse can be installed on a FireStick.



UnlockMyTV is another name that is making waves in the streaming world. The app was only recently released as I write this. It is, however, already being regarded as one of the most popular on-demand apps, alongside Cinema HD APK, TeaTV, CyberFlix TV, and others.

The vast selection of films and television shows ensures that you will never be bored. If you enjoy binge-watching, UnlockMyTV is the streaming app for you. This app compares favorably to the other top Terrarium alternatives on this list in terms of streaming quality. For most movies and episodes, you’ll find dozens of high-quality streams. You can also sign up for Real Debrid to gain access to the best streaming links on the internet.

UnlockMyTV is a viable entertainment tool thanks to Trakt sign-in, backup options, genre-based filters, and a slew of other features. Go ahead and give it a shot.



Kodi is the most popular media player on the market. It had been Terrarium TV’s strongest contender. With the latter gone, Kodi will undoubtedly emerge as the undisputed leader in the streaming world.

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

Kodi, unlike Terrarium TV or any other Android streaming app, is unlikely to be shut down or discontinued. Kodi isn’t built by a single person. Anyone with the necessary skills can make a streaming add-on for it because it is an open-source app. Hundreds of video addons for Kodi are available, allowing you to watch shows, movies, sports, live TV, and more. Even if one developer decides to stop developing an addon, the others will continue to do so. Furthermore, new addons are released on a regular basis.

So, even if Terrarium TV is soon to be a thing of the past, Kodi has a bright future. To get started, simply install Kodi on your FireStick or other compatible device. To stream movies, shows, and other content, you’ll need Kodi addons. You can also install Kodi builds that come preloaded with a number of addons. If you haven’t tried Kodi yet, I strongly advise you to do so. There’s a good chance you’ll never need another Android streaming app. Before you ask, yes, Kodi is a legal app that is also available on the official Google Play Store.


Best Kodi Addons 2021

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How to Use Kodi – Beginners Guide





TeaTV was most likely launched at the same time as Terrarium TV. Terrarium TV, on the other hand, was clearly more popular than it. TeaTV, on the other hand, was a popular Android streaming app. I had previously used this app. However, I saw no reason to revisit it because I had better options in Terrarium TV and Kodi.


Best Terrarium TV Alternatives


When I learned that Terrarium Tv was shutting down, I began looking for alternatives and decided that giving TeaTV another chance would be a good idea. I wasn’t disappointed, and that’s all I have to say. TeaTV always had a strong media library that could easily compete with Terrarium TV. However, it didn’t have the most user-friendly interface at the time, and I struggled to use it on my FireStick. This time, however, it worked a lot better than before. TeaTV’s developers appear to have been working hard to improve the app’s competitiveness.


It may take some time to adjust to this app if you were a big fan of Terrarium TV. But, if the developers keep working on it, I believe TeaTV will soon overtake Terrarium TV’s long-held position.

How to install TeaTV on FireStick

Morph TV

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Morph TV before. It’s a relatively new Android streaming app that I only discovered a few weeks ago. This app appealed to me for a variety of reasons. Aside from Morph TV’s decent media library, I’m also impressed with the quality of the streamable links this app retrieves. Morph TV is a keeper now that Terrarium TV has gone out of business.

Almost everything I wanted to watch was available on this on-demand app. You can watch the latest movies or watch episodes of your favorite TV shows. It includes all of the popular films and even provides HD links for some of them.

Morph TV is a convenient app to use with a remote. This means you can put it on your Amazon FireStick and use it as well. It also has a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly locate your favorite movies and shows. I recommend that you give it a shot.


How to install Morph TV on FireStick


OneBox HD

OneBox HD has been around for a long time as well. However, Android phones are more popular than remote-controlled devices like the Amazon FireStick. The good news is that OneBox HD works with the FireStick remote and provides fluid navigation and control. This app appeals to me. It has a large library of movies and TV shows, which I enjoy. I also like that it only takes a few clicks to play the videos.

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

OneBox HD is quick to provide the streamable links that are available. That also means there aren’t many options for you to choose from. The 1080 full HD links are difficult to come by. However, I’ve noticed that almost all of the links this app provides are playable. That’s all I have to say about Terrarium TV.

The in-video controls are frustrating, despite the fact that this app offers smooth navigation when exploring or looking for content. You can’t use your remote to pause/plan, rewind, or forward until you have mouse-toggle. For many, this could be the deciding factor.

OneBox HD is worth a try because it has a large content library, is lightweight and simple to use, and plays videos faster than any other app.


How to install OneBox HD on FireStick



This is another app I discovered while looking for Terrarium TV-like apps. TVZion is a well-designed app for watching movies and television shows. There is a large library of high-quality content that can be binge-watched for hundreds of hours. What I like best about TVZion is that, despite having a lot of content, it is very light. That’s why my FireStick and other streaming devices have a hard time with it.

TVZion has a simple, clean interface with all of the elements neatly laid out across the screen. On the top, there are separate tabs for TV shows and movies, so you can quickly choose what you want to watch. Rather than digging deep to find the categories, the app conveniently places them on the main screen so you can get started right away. On the top, there is a search option that allows you to look for content using keywords.

When you first install the app, the playback time is limited to 500 hours. However, you can get an extra 1000 hours by installing certain apps from within the app through the Google Play Store. Because the FireStick does not support the Play Store, this becomes a little more complicated. However, there is a workaround. You can uninstall and reinstall the app if you run out of time.


How to install TVZion on Fire Stick


How to  Safely Use Terrarium TV Alternatives 

Now that you have a few alternatives to Terrarium TV, you should be aware that everything you stream online is visible to your ISP and government. This means that streaming copyrighted content (free movies and TV shows) could land you in legal hot water.


Fortunately, there is a foolproof method for keeping your streaming activities hidden from your ISP and the government. All you’ll need is a reliable VPN. Online Surveillance, ISP throttling, and content geo-restrictions can all be avoided with a VPN.


ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN, which I personally use and recommend. It’s also simple to set up on a Fire TV / Stick or other devices like a Windows PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone.


We do not condone the infringement of copyright laws. But what if you unintentionally stream content from an unauthorized source? It is not always easy to distinguish between a legitimate and an illegal source.


Let’s look at how to use ExpressVPN to keep your streaming activities hidden from prying eyes before you start using these apps.


Step 1: CLICK HERE to join ExpressVPN. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included. Meaning, you can use it for free for the first 30-days and then request a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results (which is highly unlikely).


Step 2: Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device by going HERE.


Step 3: To connect to a VPN server, click the Power icon. That is all there is to it. With the fastest and best VPN in the industry, your connection is now secure.


Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

Conclusion for Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

Terrarium TV is no longer available, which is unfortunate. However, the world of streaming continues to evolve with new options. Even though the apps I listed above may not be as good as your favorite Terrarium TV, we must make do with what we have for the time being. I am confident that another streaming app will soon overtake Terrarium TV, which has held the top spot for a long time. And, as a long-time Kodi user and supporter, I am confident that you will never run out of ways to watch your favorite shows. If you know of any other Terrarium TV alternatives, please let us know in the comments section below.